Al Qaeda is splintering but still trying to wreak havoc in the US, especially taking out the part of the NSA that spies on Arabs. Sensing that disaffected Arab-American boys and men can easily be recruited, it embarks on its mission to accomplish its goals. Heath Daniels writes realistic, fictional accounts.  Characters are fictional representations of actual people he has encountered, not always under pleasant circumstances. Locations are actual places he has lived or visited frequently enough to bring them to life in fictional contexts. With a title that has a double entendre, judgement in courts of law in the U.S. and in the realm of Allah, the book entertains as well as informs and fosters acceptance, tolerance, and respect.

The Hammoud family, refugees from Palestine, have lived a happy, somewhat prosperous life in a bucolic area of Southwest Virginia for over 20 years, raising three children.The two sons move to the Washington DC area and get involved in events that change lives. Ahmed takes flight and nearly escapes; fate brings him back to face the consequences. Meanwhile at home, local hoodlums attack and incidents involving their two sons turn their lives upside down and affect other lives as well. Their neighbors, Shane and Velma, help apprehend local hoodlums and start the process of bringing them to justice. Local neighbors come to their rescue in many ways.

Joe moves up the career ladder with the U.S. Attorney General in Washington. Omar, now assistant imam at the Islamic Center in Washington, DC, and visiting scholar at George Washington University, and Joe become very close friends and roommates. They unwittingly get involved in the events involving the Hammoud family, several miles away. In the process, Joe takes the first step in becoming a hate-crime legal specialist. Their good friends Frank and Brad, both of whom work at the NSA, along with their boyfriends Paco and Jason, are involved in deleterious ways for which Joe and Omar offer assistance. Joe and Omar work in their own ways to facilitate judgment, Joe through the legal system, Omar divinely through Allah.

Wissam, another disaffected Palestinian-American nearly succeeds in attacking the NSA and in the process, exposes his father’s illegal activities for Hamas in the US. Colonel Ross is exposed for his perfidy. Rhonda, Rosie, Cranford, Otis, Larry, Ralph, and others in the U.S. intelligence community meet to sort out the confusion.

Fictional events that were written beginning eight years ago, bizarrely come true in recent years, especially 2016: violence in places where gays congregate, violence against Arabs and Muslims, illegal marriage rackets, and more.


Just Released!


Al Qaeda has been involved in many creative and insidious plots to infiltrate the U.S. and to uncover secrets. Heath Daniels uses experiences in places he has lived or frequently visited  and people he has encountered to presents one such fictional but realistic plot. All locations are actual; with one exception, these are all places he has lived or visited frequently. All characters are fictional depictions of  actual people he has encountered, not always in favorable circumstances. Adventure and intrigue through several countries and continents demonstrate difficulties many groups experience in the U.S. and abroad, including lives of Arab-Americans, Islam in this country, gay and lesbian trials and tribulations, all in a novel designed to entertain as well as inform and foster acceptance, tolerance, and respect.

Frank, a third-generation Marine Corps officer from a distinguished Southern military family unwittingly comes across a doppelganger  interloper and is torn between revealing his private life, bringing disgrace to his family, and protecting the interests of the country. He takes matters into his own hands with the help of his buddies. Ali, a medical doctor with great potential would do almost anything to escape oppression in Syria. Brahim and Boudi, two young Arab-Americans with hopes disillusioned, are readily radicalized. Felicia is torn between obligation to her children and despondency. Brad, a skillful young linguist provides the key to resolving the plot, totally unaware he had done so. Joe, a brilliant young Arab-American law school graduate demonstrates his skills under difficult circumstances. Omar, a superior PhD student in Islamic theology and an aspiring imam, reveals hidden talents, not known even to himself, to uncover the plot unaware he had done so. Rhonda, Gabe, Roger, Rosie reveal their dedication as government servants and their humanness in unraveling the plot. Patrick, the quintessential nice guy goes through the story blithefully unaware his role was key.

As described more in the Afterword, In bizarre circumstances, some elements that were written into the plot fictionally actually occurred after they were written. Many situations that were presented fictionally have come true and are still coming true into 2016: civil wars in Syria and Yemen, continued radicalization of teens and young men and women in the US by ISIS, the offshoot of al Qaeda. Even al Qaeda is stirring and beginning to create difficulty after years of dormancy. Russia continues to spread its influence to become a wannabe superpower.

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JUSTICE! (release date TBD)

Salafists in the Islamic world who have come under the thrall of ISIS willingly cooperate to recruit fighters in the US among Somali immigrant groups and other disaffected youth. Heath Daniels weaves a fictional story of intrigue of realistic circumstances that have occurred in a novel of intrigue featuring legal justice, romance, and intense inter-personal interaction. Justice is pursued in courts of law as well as through interpersonal resolutions of events. All characters are fictional represents of actual people he has encountered in his many experiences. All locations are actual locations he has lived or visited frequently. 

When a group of Somali refugees is settled in the less-than-charming village of Redwood, Texas, their self-appointed leader starts plotting. Incensed at being expected to associate with mainstream Muslims at a mosque in nearby San Marcos, which they view as apostate, they take revenge in the way they would back in East Africa. Local police willingly throw the “hot potato” to the FBI that seeks collaboration with the U.S. Attorney General for the Western District of Texas for a possible hate crime.

Meanwhile, local construction workers upset with the continued immigration of Muslims to the area, especially black Africans, devise their own means of harassment. further confusing law enforcement authorities.

Yusef, formerly known with a nickname Joe, a brilliant young Arab-American lawyer with the U.S. Attorney General has risen as high in his career as he can for now at the headquarters in Washington. The next step for him is a deputy attorney general at one of the district offices. After exploring options, he becomes deputy in charge of human and civil rights at the U.S. Attorney General office for the Western District of Texas headquartered in San Antonio, one of the largest districts in the country, both in population and size. He goes to some lengths to avoid being typecast as the token Muslim, but circumstances and his expert knowledge in hate crimes bring him into issues of civil and human rights of Muslims in the area. Nisrine, another Arab-American from Texas is a new, very capable young obstetrician and gynecologist who is also brought into the action.

Two young recent Hispanic-American high school graduates from Redwood, with no foreseeable future except idleness make prime targets for being radicalized until tragedy strikes and they are brought into the scene.