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Heath Daniels has a successful career writing and speaking professionally that has involved travel to many locations world-wide, exposing him to many cultures and situations, all of which have inspired his fiction writing. As indicated in the Afterword to Three Kisses, some 11 years ago, thoughts and inspirations came into his head kicking and screaming and would not stop until he sat at the computer and started writing. Thus started a parallel career of writing action intrigue novels under a pseudonym that has continued through two novels into a third in progress while the primary career continues but winds down in semi retirement.

He grew up in the US in a quintessential smaller middle-American city in what many would consider the American heartland in a family of very modest means who traveled no further than the neighboring state to visit family. Despite this limitation he always had a travel bug, his favorite topic in school being geography, and he devoured maps and atlases. Early career and especially mandatory US military service provided the first opportunities for international travel and living in different countries. Afterwards, family and career advancement kept him pinned down in the US but with one year abroad that opened up perspectives even more. When family were grown and away from home, the odyssey began with his taking professional positions in different countries wherever interesting offers were made, mostly in Europe and the Middle East.

In the last 20 or so years, he has experienced spiritual enlightenment, as opposed to religion, that has affected many of his perspectives. Spirituality is very personal and is not brought into the novels except subtly with the characters of Brad, Jason, and Omar. Recent experiences have greatly increased his interest and exposure to culture, and especially cultural issues of persons from one country living in other countries. One major issue from living in the Middle East, Europe, and the US is difficulty adapting to a different culture and young persons, usually men, adapting to a different culture, themes carried into the books.

As mentioned in the Afterwords, the inspirations just come to him; they are not deliberately created. Some bizarre fictional situations from inspirations later came true, almost immediately and as much as ten years later. His latest book, Day of Judgement, is now completed and available for purchase!