Today is Martin Luther King day in the US. We are reminded that the Reverend Dr. King was a strong force for justice and change in the US. Dr. King reminded us of the difference between justice and revenge, and abhorred violent revenge as well.  Dr. King strongly advocated  love, respect, non-violence and especially caring; doing something nice for another persons no matter how small or trivial, like opening a door or picking up a dropped object. Dr. King was very much a Christian. His strongly advocated views and calls to action are not unique to him nor to Christianity. Almost two millennia ago, the Prophet Mohammed, PBUH, had very similar views a Dr. King and took strong actions for his oppressed followers which led to the creation of a powerful spiritual tradition. Christianity and Islam are not unique because other spiritual traditions are very similar. Let us use Martin Luther King day to remember basic humanity, love for all, kindness for all, but fighting for justice as well.