Happy New Year to all. This is a holiday recognized by almost all, despite spiritual or religious tradition, even though it is based on the Gregorian calendar promulgated by a Christian, a Roman Catholic pope.

This past year has been very mixed in terms of peace. In the US, within the past few months, terrorist plots have been carried out in places line New York City and foiled in San Francisco. And there were heinous acts in Europe as well. These acts of terror were conducted by persons who call themselves Islamic, but are not.

Extreme right-wing elements have perpetrated terror plots, often under the guise of Christianity.

Persons who claimed to be Buddhists terrorized Islamic people in Myanmar. Buddhism is peace and could never condone such attacks.

The list could go on and on.

The new year 2018 offers hope, not only for and end to terrorism, but also an end to the horrible misuse of religion and spirituality to terrorize.