The recent attack by self-designated Islamists on a Sufi mosque in Egypt is despicable and to be condemned by any standards. It demonstrates, very sadly that groups who call themselves Islamic are not. The mere fact that they designate themselves as Islamic does not mean they are. It does not take a degree in Islamic theology to know that the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) would have condemned any such wanton violence on other Muslims, or on any other group. It is especially horrible that the is on  Sufists, a group of Muslims that focus on spirituality, mysticism, internalizing faith, and service to others, especially other Muslims.

The attack of self-designated Muslims on other Muslims sadly reminds us of, like the old saying, do not remember history are doomed to relive it. Self-designated Hindus attack other Hindus in India. Self-designated Buddhists, who clearly do not follow the path of the Buddha, attack Buddhist clergy in Thailand. For some two millennia persons who call themselves Christians have attacked other Christians in the Crusades, the papal wars in Europe, the Protestant Revolution, and so on. More recently, the KKK burns and murders black Christians in the USA. These actions clearly are contrary to anything taught by the great teacher and way-shower Jesus the Christ.

When will this stop? What do you think?