The news reports this week that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has taken control over Wahabi leaders and prohibited them from making arrests or assaulting persons who they view as violating requirements of Islam that they have developed and are not parts of original Islam as spoken by the Prophet, Peace be Upon Him.

Wahabism is certainly not unique in self-appointed interpreters of the faith imposing rules based on their interpretations that are not tenets of the faith. Hinduism imposes restrictions in the form of laws. In English-speaking countries, especially in the US we have experienced many laws that limit behavior in the name of Christianity that are not part of the Christian religion: such things as prohibition of alcohol sales, “blue laws” that prohibited shops from being open on Sunday, and many others.

Thankfully, Saudi Arabians have some more freedom from restrictions imposed under the guise of religion. Hopefully other faiths can progress as well.

What are your thoughts?