We are now hearing and reading that ISIS is defeated with the fall of its self-designated capital. But is ISIS dead. All indications are that ISIS will continue and a free-lance terror organization. Also, remember that affiliated groups like al Qaeda and al Shabab are still operating and wreaking havoc. Al Shabab just exploded two horrendous car bombs in Mogadishu.

We must also remember that just because these groups call themselves Islamic does not mean that they actually are Islamic. Responsible Islamic groups and individuals widely and strongly denounce ISIS, al Qaeda, and al Shabab along with their related groups.Through the years, terrorists have acted under the guise of Christianity. In recent years we have the KKK. Going back millennia, the original religious terrorists were the Crusaders who called themselves Christian. Are Christians speaking up against terrorists who act in the name of Christianity with the same fervor that true Islamic persons are speaking out against ISIS, al Qaeda, and al Shabab?

What are your views?