Very soon after news came out about the horrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, it was reputed that ISIS (or whatever else it is also called) took credit for the act of terror. Very soon, it became apparent and was reported that ISIS could not have had anything to do with such an attack. Who would benefit from such a false claim? We know that ISIS very often claims credit for attacks for which it has no involvement and for which it it is very dubious that ISIS has even provided inspiration.ISIS

Who else could possibly benefit from having the American public think that ISIS was behind such an attack. The media have reported credible evidence that Russians have spread fake news for the purpose of stirring discord in the US and cause us to lose confidence in our democratic system and values. Wouldn’t spreading news that ISIS was behind the Las Vegas play right into the motives of the Russian government? After all, ISIS was behind the San Bernardino mass shooting and may have been a major inspiration for the Orlando mass shooting. Anti-Islam sentiment has been growing since the 2016 presidential campaign inspired by the highest levels of the administration. So has anti-black and white supremacist sentiment. The Russians spread fake news in targeted markets about “black lives matter”. Why wouldn’t the Russians also be inclined to spread anti-Islam fake news about Las Vegas?

Maybe we should look a little more into the reality and facts. Through the years, persons who call themselves Christians have taken many lives in the name of their view of a Christian God. We need only look at the heinous acts of the KKK and those who murdered doctors at abortion clinics. ISIS claims it is Islamic, but it is not. The vast majority Muslims in the world  claim that ISIS is not a part of the Islamic religion just like the vast majority of Christians do not accept the belief that KKK are actually Christians. How convenient that the Russians can attempt to exploit these fissures.

A few years ago, statistics gathered showed that Muslims in the US, including many who are born here, are on average much better educated that the US population as a whole. Muslim households in the US have annual earnings of 150% of the average household earnings of the US as a whole. How convenient that the Russians might exploit the jealousy of the so-called white middle class of American and be motivated to spread such fake news about ISIS being behind the Las Vegas shooting.

Your thoughts and observations are most welcome!