Hate crimes have been in the news very recently, especially during widely-televised confirmation hearings for Christopher Wray who is nominated to become FBI director. Yet some eight years ago, when writing Day of Judgment, the inspiration came to me to have the young, brilliant, Muslim-American attorney Joe Shaito bring hate crimes to the forefront of what would otherwise be a mundane crime, again set fictionally in bucolic Southwest Virginia in the federal district court of Roanoke. Later in Justice!, Mr. Shaito now uses his birth name Yusef, has become a hate crime expert, in his new position as Deputy U.S. Attorney General for the Western District of Texas based in cosmopolitan San Antonio, Texas. By a quirk of geography, a fictional crime against a mosque in the dismal community of Redwood, Texas is brought to his attention for guidance on how to proceed in a trial.
Lives of many people are changed as a consequence.