Then this blog and my books are written for you….

Welcome as we explore bizarre “coincidences” that found their way into the story lines. As described in the Afterword to Three Kisses, ideas popped into my head kicking and screaming until I sat down to write them. I had no idea where the plot would be led. As I was fictionally describing how events took characters to would-be mosques near Toronto, on that very day I was writing, the RCMP made a major bust of an al-Quada plot to set off bombs in the area from the very same mosque I described fictionally.

Not all of these “coincidences” have been positive. In writing Day of Judgment, I was inspired to set the plot fictionally in the semi-rural area of Southwest Virginia in the Appalachian mountain and valley region. While I was writing fictional events of a Muslim-American family in the region using a timeline of early November, the tragic shooting of students and faculty at Virginia Tech occurred during that time line. Sadly, but very conveniently, it fit the plot and moved the plot forward.

Stay tuned for continued revelations about the stories.